Sunday, August 1, 2010


The overall project was very successful, the individual modules designed are designed as such that it can be used independently as part of the orientation as well as all the modules logically embedded in the NCC orientation Emit site. These modules are designed used the most updated course materials and workbook and it should not need to be changed until any new changes happen in the course.

The evaluation and testing is something that needs bit more time and thus the modification is delayed until all feedbacks are gathered. The modification is to make the orientation more efficient and easily accessed.

As Huffaker suggest – through active engagement by using interactive and entertaining media, collaborative and cooperative activities, real world context, continuous feedback and monitoring progress. All these ways enhance the learning rather than as people think it is replacing the traditional way of teaching (Huffaker D, 2003).

It is also important to use technologies that is easy to access and use, and the technology should be able to handle the type of information that is going to be implemented in it. The technology used also plays a vital role in the users, whether it is user friendly and allows learners to participate and interact with each other. The orientation modules are kept as simple and easy to use to allow the learners to complete the orientation successfully.

I am extremely pleased with the learning out come while designing the project. Really enjoyed designing the screen capture simulation using Adobe Captivate and how easily it can develop such an interactive files for elearning courses. Had used Blackboard before, but tried out new features with blackboard and as well as wimba. Overall the development and combing the modules logically by using blackboard was a great experience and I am very happy with the out come.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Adobe Captivate software

Adobe Captivate software.

This Adobe eLearning Suite software has become the essential toolset for instructional designers, content developers, and educators who develop professional eLearning content… Read More.

There are heaps of tools in it that can aid in developing very interactive content. I have decided to use it to show how to use digital drop box – to submit work to the assessor. In the course I am designing – students need to use the digital drop box in Blackboard quite regularly and this is one thing we have to show them during the orientation. I am trying to develop a project in which I can show them exactly how to log into Emit – and how to access digital drop box and submit and exercise.

This software seems to be really useful and I would recommend others to use them if they would like to create simulation of some sort. I have downloaded a 30 day trial version to do my assignment.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Presentation plans

Initially the plan was to create videos – that would have been uploaded into blackboard for students to go through. Than at later stage we- started planning what to do with the videos – and it seems like – if one person is just talking in that video, it does become boring and students may loose interest in hearing it. So the plan has been changed to – instead of having videos with a person talking – we better have presentation in which we can have the voice explaining and the picture showing or demonstrating with animation to learners what is being explained. In this way the understanding on the other end would turn out to be better.

The presentation can also be done using Wimba presentation as well as PP. Wimba presentation allows you to browse through a website and include voice and text message along side with it. This would be very beneficial to get students into research type of work where its make it easier to explain what you expect them to be doing. Since the orientation is only for level 2 students, i really do not intend to put websites for them to browse through and do any such activities. But just as for a learning experience, I will upload a presentation on slideshare website – and link this site to the Wimba presentation, so that they can view the presentation as well as hear the voice output. Another think I have noticed is that the voice in Wimba presentation seems to be lot more clearer – it cuts the back ground noise. So recording seems to be pretty good.



Wimba Create

Wimba Create - is a very useful tool to use for designing elearning material. It can be a add-in in Microsoft word, and it allows to covert word docs into web pages... that are very easily uploaded into blackboard.

I am using it to display a few reading materials for sudents to make it easier for them to navigate through in an interactive way.
There are other features that i have not used in wimba create as yet. but i think it is really useful so far.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Work in Progress

Have completed my presentations for the online orientation – and its looking great. I have used PowerPoint – to develop the presentation, and instead of using the built-in voice recorder to record the voice, I have recorded it separately and added it in the presentation. The PowerPoint built in voice recorder seems to record a lot of background noise, so it was not very clear. Have submitted the presentation for feedback and will be making necessary changes to it before publishing it. The only way I am thinking of publishing it is by putting the sound file together with the presentation in one folder and zip it before up loading it, not sure if that’s the best way – if anyone knows any other ways, do let me know.

Currently I am looking in Wimba Create – got it installed in my PC and exploring it at present. Will try and use it for a portion of my online orientation if possible.
I am a bit behind, trying to catch up and complete everything as soon as possible.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wimba - can be used in designing the online course

Hi Guys
Just last week I attended a class on Wimba – by Lisa Ransom, and it was really interesting to see how we can use Wimba. The good thing is Wimba can be sued with blackboard in designing courses and it makes it a bit more interactive.

Some features are:
voice announcements
voice emails
voice-based discussion boards
voice presentations
Wimba Classroom
Wimba Create

Wimba Create can be loaded into you word processing programme – which allows you to covert word document into an interactive web pages – which can be loaded into emit …
For more information you can visit the Wimba site


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Designing the Blackboard

Designing the Blackboard
The design phase is going great – there seems to be more work involved in creating the structure of the information flow – so that its more logical for the students to follow and understand.

From the Elearning Guidelines the following 2 guidelines will be taken into consideration while designing this online module for the NCC orientation.

TD2 Do students get clearly defined learning objectives that assist them in focussing on their learning activities?

TD5 Has a representative sample of students tested the elearning materials and any necessary modifications been made?

The main purpose of the online orientation is to get the students to understand what are the objectives of the course and how to use the online tools in order achieve these learning objectives. TD2 looks into clearly defined objectives and how it can assist students on focussing on their learning outcomes.

TD5 – is the second phase – where once the online site is designed, it will be tested by a group of people and the comments will be noted for further modification of it.

Currently – the skeleton structure of the online site is nearly completed – and I will be adding on materials as soon as they are ready.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Project Milestones

Prepare a skeleton Structure of the Orientation Process – 30 March
Create the LMS – using blackboard – prepare the overall structure of the whole orientation process - 15 April
Prepare Presentations – voice or without voice – 25th April

Prepare videos – at least 3 small videos
- Video for welcome and introduction to the course – 5th May
- Video for explaining the course outline – 15th May
- Video for concluding the whole orientation – 25th May

Upload all the materials required – including the presentation and videos created – 5 June
Do a trial run – submit to other facilitators for feedback – 10 June
Make alteration as need be after feedbacks – 12 June
Prepare a report – June 18th
Present the project and the report - June 18th

This is the plan – hoping things will go accordingly – not so sure about the videos will fit in during the time I have chosen – since I have to get the programme leader to take her time out and as well as the technical team for doing the video – give and take , hoping it will be done around that time. I am based out of campus – and have to do this entire thing on campus. So have to set up some date and time that is suitable for everyone.

If any changes in the plan - will update :)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Planning and Learning Outcomes

What do you want to do?
I am planning to design an online orientation for the National certificate in Computing for Level 2 and 3 students – who are studying part-time and distance learning.

The old process was conducted face to face with students – where the facilitators go through the orientation step by step together. The design that has been planned – should allow students to go over it in their own pace and cover the same materials.

This course is open entry and intake is every month – and facilitators currently conduct face to face orientation each month – where they repeat a lot of the same information every time. By creating and online orientation will allow users to be able to cover all the necessary materials for the orientation in their own pace and time suitable to them. Hence taking off some work load from facilitators each month for the orientation.

What are the learning outcomes/project outcomes?
Project Outcome: it will provide a more efficient way of conducting orientation on monthly basis. It will save a lot of facilitator’s time on repeating the same information over and over. Allow learners to do the orientation at a session more convenient to them. Etc
Learning outcome: Designing of a LMS – improving my skills. Incorporating Videos and presentations to make it interactive. I have no experience with videos as yet – so looking forward to learning how to get this done.

Why are they important at this time?
At present a lot of students are delayed from starting a course – due to the orientation being compulsory for them to attend and orientation are done on fixed dates and times. Learners can make full advantages of doing an online orientation at a more convenient / flexible time and hence the system can incorporate online orientation together to ease the work load of the facilitators.

Does it require a budget?
Currently am not sure if I would require a budget – of course I will need to get some videos done with the help of Dave Snell – not sure if this will cost money?

Does it require approval and from whom?
I have got approval from my Programme Leader, Cherie Wright– for whom I am designing this project for and with Oriels guidance it should be fine :)

What is the underpinning literature and practice that you can draw on?
Just like any online materials – to make it a good learning experience for the learners – the design should take care of keeping the materials interactive and informative as well. Will use the
Elearning Guidelines as a resource while working on this project.

How are you going to go about it?
Break the orientation process into small modules , and work with each module as a milestone towards the whole project.

What are the key stages?
- Break down the orientation into different modules.
- Need to take videos of different modules explained by the programme leader and post it at different stages of the orientation.
- Prepare presentations that will aid this video – this could be with voice.
- Prepare a LMS – (most likely to use Blackboard) and upload all this orientation materials in a logical sequence for users to follow through.

What is it going to look like at the end?
Orientation for NCC level 2 and 3 – Online Session. (It will consist of everything that is said and done during a face to face orientation)

Who are your support people?
Cherie Wright – Program Leader, Oriel and Dave Snell. (Freeb Facilitators for comments and trial out)

What help do you need from your project supervisor/staff development unit/??
LMS – Acess and with Videos (Equipment and camera man)

Who can give you feedback?
Cherie Wright – Program Leader, Oriel and Dave Snell. (Freeb Facilitators for comments and trial out)

When would that be appropriate?
Through our the semester – for each milestone.

How will you reflect on the ongoing process?
Blog -

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project Idea

Hi Guys,

I think i have chosen a project for this paper. I will be designing an online induction or orientation module for our NCC students. This is something our programme leader wanted to get done, so I thought i will take it up as my project and complete it.

Currently the induction for new students is totally done face to face - and if students are not able to make it to the fixed session - they are unable to start the course since the induction is compulsary. So its a good idea to blend the talking that is done face to face, together with some presentations and videos and provide an online induction that can be interactive and informative to all the new students. This online module would benefit students who are unable to attend induction or prefers to do it as distance learning.

I have planned a meeting with my programme leader to make some clear goals of what is expected from her and incoporate it into my project. There is a lot that can be done, so once i have set up some solid goals of what i want to achieve by the end of this semester - i will update you guys.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Choosing the Elearning Topic/Project

Hi Guys,

I am at the edge of deciding on what special topic - to choose for my paper. I was thinking of developing a resource for students or an exploration of different ways to teach and perhaps trying out some of the strategies with my students. At present I am thinking of creating an online orientation for the induction of new NCC students in our programme. Have asked other lecturers and my Programme leader if they have any projects in mind that they would like me to do my research on. Once i get back from all of them, will decide on my topic and discuss it with Oriel before posting it on here.

I would like to keep the project accomplishable within this semester and something that would not require a lot of budget and can be done within 150 hours.

I have decided to use this blog as a Reflective Journal while doing this Special Topic Paper, and will be posting milestones and the progress with my proect on here. Would appreciate your comments and ideas during the semester.