Sunday, March 28, 2010

Project Milestones

Prepare a skeleton Structure of the Orientation Process – 30 March
Create the LMS – using blackboard – prepare the overall structure of the whole orientation process - 15 April
Prepare Presentations – voice or without voice – 25th April

Prepare videos – at least 3 small videos
- Video for welcome and introduction to the course – 5th May
- Video for explaining the course outline – 15th May
- Video for concluding the whole orientation – 25th May

Upload all the materials required – including the presentation and videos created – 5 June
Do a trial run – submit to other facilitators for feedback – 10 June
Make alteration as need be after feedbacks – 12 June
Prepare a report – June 18th
Present the project and the report - June 18th

This is the plan – hoping things will go accordingly – not so sure about the videos will fit in during the time I have chosen – since I have to get the programme leader to take her time out and as well as the technical team for doing the video – give and take , hoping it will be done around that time. I am based out of campus – and have to do this entire thing on campus. So have to set up some date and time that is suitable for everyone.

If any changes in the plan - will update :)


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