Friday, July 16, 2010

Adobe Captivate software

Adobe Captivate software.

This Adobe eLearning Suite software has become the essential toolset for instructional designers, content developers, and educators who develop professional eLearning content… Read More.

There are heaps of tools in it that can aid in developing very interactive content. I have decided to use it to show how to use digital drop box – to submit work to the assessor. In the course I am designing – students need to use the digital drop box in Blackboard quite regularly and this is one thing we have to show them during the orientation. I am trying to develop a project in which I can show them exactly how to log into Emit – and how to access digital drop box and submit and exercise.

This software seems to be really useful and I would recommend others to use them if they would like to create simulation of some sort. I have downloaded a 30 day trial version to do my assignment.