Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Designing the Blackboard

Designing the Blackboard
The design phase is going great – there seems to be more work involved in creating the structure of the information flow – so that its more logical for the students to follow and understand.

From the Elearning Guidelines the following 2 guidelines will be taken into consideration while designing this online module for the NCC orientation.

TD2 Do students get clearly defined learning objectives that assist them in focussing on their learning activities?

TD5 Has a representative sample of students tested the elearning materials and any necessary modifications been made?

The main purpose of the online orientation is to get the students to understand what are the objectives of the course and how to use the online tools in order achieve these learning objectives. TD2 looks into clearly defined objectives and how it can assist students on focussing on their learning outcomes.

TD5 – is the second phase – where once the online site is designed, it will be tested by a group of people and the comments will be noted for further modification of it.

Currently – the skeleton structure of the online site is nearly completed – and I will be adding on materials as soon as they are ready.