Sunday, March 28, 2010

Project Milestones

Prepare a skeleton Structure of the Orientation Process – 30 March
Create the LMS – using blackboard – prepare the overall structure of the whole orientation process - 15 April
Prepare Presentations – voice or without voice – 25th April

Prepare videos – at least 3 small videos
- Video for welcome and introduction to the course – 5th May
- Video for explaining the course outline – 15th May
- Video for concluding the whole orientation – 25th May

Upload all the materials required – including the presentation and videos created – 5 June
Do a trial run – submit to other facilitators for feedback – 10 June
Make alteration as need be after feedbacks – 12 June
Prepare a report – June 18th
Present the project and the report - June 18th

This is the plan – hoping things will go accordingly – not so sure about the videos will fit in during the time I have chosen – since I have to get the programme leader to take her time out and as well as the technical team for doing the video – give and take , hoping it will be done around that time. I am based out of campus – and have to do this entire thing on campus. So have to set up some date and time that is suitable for everyone.

If any changes in the plan - will update :)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Planning and Learning Outcomes

What do you want to do?
I am planning to design an online orientation for the National certificate in Computing for Level 2 and 3 students – who are studying part-time and distance learning.

The old process was conducted face to face with students – where the facilitators go through the orientation step by step together. The design that has been planned – should allow students to go over it in their own pace and cover the same materials.

This course is open entry and intake is every month – and facilitators currently conduct face to face orientation each month – where they repeat a lot of the same information every time. By creating and online orientation will allow users to be able to cover all the necessary materials for the orientation in their own pace and time suitable to them. Hence taking off some work load from facilitators each month for the orientation.

What are the learning outcomes/project outcomes?
Project Outcome: it will provide a more efficient way of conducting orientation on monthly basis. It will save a lot of facilitator’s time on repeating the same information over and over. Allow learners to do the orientation at a session more convenient to them. Etc
Learning outcome: Designing of a LMS – improving my skills. Incorporating Videos and presentations to make it interactive. I have no experience with videos as yet – so looking forward to learning how to get this done.

Why are they important at this time?
At present a lot of students are delayed from starting a course – due to the orientation being compulsory for them to attend and orientation are done on fixed dates and times. Learners can make full advantages of doing an online orientation at a more convenient / flexible time and hence the system can incorporate online orientation together to ease the work load of the facilitators.

Does it require a budget?
Currently am not sure if I would require a budget – of course I will need to get some videos done with the help of Dave Snell – not sure if this will cost money?

Does it require approval and from whom?
I have got approval from my Programme Leader, Cherie Wright– for whom I am designing this project for and with Oriels guidance it should be fine :)

What is the underpinning literature and practice that you can draw on?
Just like any online materials – to make it a good learning experience for the learners – the design should take care of keeping the materials interactive and informative as well. Will use the
Elearning Guidelines as a resource while working on this project.

How are you going to go about it?
Break the orientation process into small modules , and work with each module as a milestone towards the whole project.

What are the key stages?
- Break down the orientation into different modules.
- Need to take videos of different modules explained by the programme leader and post it at different stages of the orientation.
- Prepare presentations that will aid this video – this could be with voice.
- Prepare a LMS – (most likely to use Blackboard) and upload all this orientation materials in a logical sequence for users to follow through.

What is it going to look like at the end?
Orientation for NCC level 2 and 3 – Online Session. (It will consist of everything that is said and done during a face to face orientation)

Who are your support people?
Cherie Wright – Program Leader, Oriel and Dave Snell. (Freeb Facilitators for comments and trial out)

What help do you need from your project supervisor/staff development unit/??
LMS – Acess and with Videos (Equipment and camera man)

Who can give you feedback?
Cherie Wright – Program Leader, Oriel and Dave Snell. (Freeb Facilitators for comments and trial out)

When would that be appropriate?
Through our the semester – for each milestone.

How will you reflect on the ongoing process?
Blog -