Sunday, June 27, 2010

Presentation plans

Initially the plan was to create videos – that would have been uploaded into blackboard for students to go through. Than at later stage we- started planning what to do with the videos – and it seems like – if one person is just talking in that video, it does become boring and students may loose interest in hearing it. So the plan has been changed to – instead of having videos with a person talking – we better have presentation in which we can have the voice explaining and the picture showing or demonstrating with animation to learners what is being explained. In this way the understanding on the other end would turn out to be better.

The presentation can also be done using Wimba presentation as well as PP. Wimba presentation allows you to browse through a website and include voice and text message along side with it. This would be very beneficial to get students into research type of work where its make it easier to explain what you expect them to be doing. Since the orientation is only for level 2 students, i really do not intend to put websites for them to browse through and do any such activities. But just as for a learning experience, I will upload a presentation on slideshare website – and link this site to the Wimba presentation, so that they can view the presentation as well as hear the voice output. Another think I have noticed is that the voice in Wimba presentation seems to be lot more clearer – it cuts the back ground noise. So recording seems to be pretty good.



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