Sunday, June 13, 2010

Work in Progress

Have completed my presentations for the online orientation – and its looking great. I have used PowerPoint – to develop the presentation, and instead of using the built-in voice recorder to record the voice, I have recorded it separately and added it in the presentation. The PowerPoint built in voice recorder seems to record a lot of background noise, so it was not very clear. Have submitted the presentation for feedback and will be making necessary changes to it before publishing it. The only way I am thinking of publishing it is by putting the sound file together with the presentation in one folder and zip it before up loading it, not sure if that’s the best way – if anyone knows any other ways, do let me know.

Currently I am looking in Wimba Create – got it installed in my PC and exploring it at present. Will try and use it for a portion of my online orientation if possible.
I am a bit behind, trying to catch up and complete everything as soon as possible.


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