Sunday, August 1, 2010


The overall project was very successful, the individual modules designed are designed as such that it can be used independently as part of the orientation as well as all the modules logically embedded in the NCC orientation Emit site. These modules are designed used the most updated course materials and workbook and it should not need to be changed until any new changes happen in the course.

The evaluation and testing is something that needs bit more time and thus the modification is delayed until all feedbacks are gathered. The modification is to make the orientation more efficient and easily accessed.

As Huffaker suggest – through active engagement by using interactive and entertaining media, collaborative and cooperative activities, real world context, continuous feedback and monitoring progress. All these ways enhance the learning rather than as people think it is replacing the traditional way of teaching (Huffaker D, 2003).

It is also important to use technologies that is easy to access and use, and the technology should be able to handle the type of information that is going to be implemented in it. The technology used also plays a vital role in the users, whether it is user friendly and allows learners to participate and interact with each other. The orientation modules are kept as simple and easy to use to allow the learners to complete the orientation successfully.

I am extremely pleased with the learning out come while designing the project. Really enjoyed designing the screen capture simulation using Adobe Captivate and how easily it can develop such an interactive files for elearning courses. Had used Blackboard before, but tried out new features with blackboard and as well as wimba. Overall the development and combing the modules logically by using blackboard was a great experience and I am very happy with the out come.


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