Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project Idea

Hi Guys,

I think i have chosen a project for this paper. I will be designing an online induction or orientation module for our NCC students. This is something our programme leader wanted to get done, so I thought i will take it up as my project and complete it.

Currently the induction for new students is totally done face to face - and if students are not able to make it to the fixed session - they are unable to start the course since the induction is compulsary. So its a good idea to blend the talking that is done face to face, together with some presentations and videos and provide an online induction that can be interactive and informative to all the new students. This online module would benefit students who are unable to attend induction or prefers to do it as distance learning.

I have planned a meeting with my programme leader to make some clear goals of what is expected from her and incoporate it into my project. There is a lot that can be done, so once i have set up some solid goals of what i want to achieve by the end of this semester - i will update you guys.


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